About Submissions

We welcome all submissions of content to CBD Life.

Our content is focused on all things to do with CBD (cannabidiol). Your personal experiences, content about use, growing, production, benefits, documentaries, and so on.

You can submit content in three different ways –

  1. Suggest a Pin – This is the simplest. You simply provide us with a URL to a page somewhere and a few reasons why you think we should pin the page and content. We’ll do the rest.
  2. Submit a Pin – A little more involved. You provide a title, some content, a feature photo or image you own, and we’ll do the rest. See below for more information.
  3. Submit an Article – Use this if you want to write some content for inclusion on our site. If you just want to discuss this before spending the time to write the article, please use our Contact Us page first. The Submit an Article page is for submitting an article that is ready to publish.

All submitted content will be reviewed for suitability and we will advise you of the result.

About Pins

Pins are meant to be reasonably basic in nature, and not full articles. Generally, just an image, a title, a few paragraphs of description and a URL (if for external content on another site).

Pins do not need to link to anything, but if they do they can link to –

  • Blog posts, both yours and others, as long as they are relevant.
  • Informational pages / sites (websites, social platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  • Videos (YouTube, Vimeo etc)
  • Audio files (SoundCloud), and so on.

Pin submissions should include –

  • Your name and email. You can optionally have you name tagged on the pin, and we will notify you of the result of your submission.
  • A suitable and relevant photo / image, of reasonable quality, to feature the pin.
  • A relevant title. We do reserve the right to change any suggested title if we believe it necessary.
  • A description. Limit it to text only and a few paragraphs. We prefer at least two good paragraphs as a minimum, not just a few words in a simple sentence. Provide enough detail so our readers ‘get the picture’ so to speak.
  • Optionally, a web URL if the pin is for an external page on another website.
  • Optionally, you can select one or more categories for the pin.

About Articles

Any article you submit should follow these guidelines –

  • It must be on topic and of value to our readers. It can be useful information or just something funny, but our readers must find it of value.
  • It must not be commercial in nature. You know what that means – it can’t be promoting products or services.
  • Any link included in the article must not be commercial. They must only link to pages that would be of value to our users. The page can be on your own site, and you may sell products or services on that site, but the link must not be to any product or service page.
  • The article must be submitted as a PDF file.

Articles will still be posted as pins, so we will decide which categories to post in. You can optionally suggest categories if you wish, in the Article Brief on the Submit an Article form.