Asterion Video Interview on Toowoomba Facility

Steve Darling from Proactive Investors Vancouver discusses the development of the new flagship cannabis growing and processing facility in Toowoomba, Australia, with Hamish Sutherland, the COO of Asterion Cannabis.

They discuss the overall concept of the facility, the reasons for choosing the location in Toowoomba, the design and general ideas behind the operation of the facility.

The facility that will cover over 40 hectares of land, will apparently be comprised of five buildings. Four massive greenhouse buildings and a centrally located processing building.

The green house buildings will all be identical, other than a possibility that each building may specialise in certain varieties, or may have different growth patterns driven by that buildings situation on the site.

Each greenhouse building will be managed separately with non financial collegial competition for purposes of learning from each other and improving operations.

The processing building will be located centrally to these four greenhouse.

Hamish Sutherland talks about their goals to maintain a process driven facility, and to produce consistent quality products for the medical market.

If you are at all interested in this development in Toowoomba, I urge you to watch the interview. I have both an interest in the surge of cannabis use medically, and other areas, and in my Toowoomba region, so I found it immensely interesting.

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