Golf Master Bubba Watson uses CBD

Bubba Watson

In the news recently are reports that Bubba Watson, a twice Masters champion, is using CBD products to help maintain his career.

CNN have an article that reports Watson stated he uses Cannabidiol (CBD) because he believes it helps him through the demands of playing professional golf. He also stated he believes it will help keep him injury free.

You will find our article titled What is Cannabidiol (CBD)? very helpful with understanding CBD.

He backs this up by stating he has had doctors do the research for him to ensure the products he uses are safe, both for him and his family. Apparently, they contain no chemicals that could make him fail any drugs test.

The PGA Tour, however, still warns all players to be careful when taking supplements. There is no guarantee that these supplements actually contain what is listed and they could still contain something that may cause the player to fail a drug test.

No effect from our CBD


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