Cannabis Derived Diabetic Drug Trial in Vanuatu


Some lateral thinking by the American company Phoenix Life Sciences International has led them to relocate to Vanuatu. They were originally located in the US state of Colorado, but were hindered in their operations by federal restrictions.

An ABC article reports that the company was unable to do the Cannabidiol (CBD) trials in Colorado due to federal restrictions. Vanuatu offered a number of benefits, including a pristine environment for growing the crop and the opportunity to work with the Vanuatu Ministry of Health.

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While legislation in the country prohibits the cultivation of cannabis, they can import the required pills from a third party. The legislation is expected to pass through Parliament soon, after Vanuatu’s Council of Ministers issued a directive for the legislation to be changed.

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A diabetes epidemic in Vanuatu also gives the company the opportunity to run the clinical trials from their clinics across the country. They have opened the first clinic in Port Vila and plan to open others across Vanuata. Each clinic will offer free diabetes tests, and eventually cannabis based drugs for diabetes on trial.

Image Credits: Vanuatu by Graham Crumb/ [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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