Medical Claims for CBD in US Under Fire

CBD Claims Warning

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States has made a subtle attack against what they see as illegal statements in the marketing of CBD products.

Curaleaf, which is a large producer of CBD products, received a warning about how they are marketing the products. In particular, the wording they are using. It apparently violates the Federal, Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act.

You can see a copy of that letter here.

They were using specific phrases, such as “for chronic pain”, that are medical statements about the suitability for treating a condition. Personally, I have noticed this on many websites.

The company reacted by announcing it would remove some products from the shelves, and the market reacted by an 8% reduction in their share price.

It seems that US companies marketing CBD products need to take a lot of care with this, not only because it is illegal in the US, but because they are making claims that have not necessarily been proven.

A quick scan of several websites verifies that they are all making claims about the suitability of a product for treating a condition that is not based on any good science.

This has nothing to do with the effectiveness of CBD for treating condition. It is to do with the legality of any company stating that its products have certain benefits, without proof. Good scientific testing, in other words.

Pure CBD Vapors

This reminds me a little of the old ‘snake oil’ vendors of days past. Maybe that is harsh, but I am concerned that this head long rush into the world of CBD may do more harm than good. CBD may be a wonderful treatment for many conditions, but we need a lot more research to verify that. Wild unsubstantiated claims could do a lot of harm to CBD being accepted as a valid medical treatment.


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