CBD for Adults with Chronic Neuropathic Pain



This article about CBD and chronic neuropathic pain, contains essential information if this is what you are considering.

“Neuropathic pain is pain coming from damaged nerves. It is different from pain messages that are carried along healthy nerves from damaged tissue (for example, a fall, or cut, or arthritic knee). Neuropathic pain is treated by different medicines to those used for pain from damaged tissue.”

The article points out that neuropathic pain is different to pain associated with damaged tissue, for example. The way pain is carried to the brain differs significantly.

“In November 2017 we searched for clinical trials that used cannabis products to treat conditions with chronic neuropathic pain in adults. We found 16 studies involving 1750 people. Studies lasted 2 to 26 weeks.”

The comments are based on good research, looking at trials that compared different cannabis -based products, different delivery methods and against placebos.

“We rated the quality of the evidence from studies using four levels: very low, low, moderate, or high. Very low-quality evidence means that we are very uncertain about the results. High-quality evidence means that we are very confident in the results.”

After their analysis, their conclusion seems firm.

“There was no high-quality evidence.”

The authors conclusion also included the following –

“The potential benefits of cannabis-based medicine (herbal cannabis, plant-derived or synthetic THC, THC/CBD oromucosal spray) in chronic neuropathic pain might be outweighed by their potential harms.”

If you are serious about assessing the use of CBD products for chronic neuropathic pain then you should review this article in depth.


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