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Medical Claims for CBD in US Under FireThe Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States has made a subtle attack …News
CBD Help with Nausea & VomitingNausea is a really common problem and something that none of us enjoy. The cause …Medical
CBD Help with DiabetesDiabetes is a very serious disease. It severely impacts on quality of life, requiring significant …Medical
Australian Medicinal Cannabis Product to Supply a Global ShortageA publicly listed Australian company, THC Global, has plans to produce pharmaceutical grade cannabis to …News
Asterion Video Interview on Toowoomba FacilitySteve Darling from Proactive Investors Vancouver discusses the development of the new flagship cannabis growing …News
CBD Help with Sleep Disorders: Insomnia, NarcolepsySleep disorders are incredibly common. Over 70 million adults in the US alone suffer from …Medical
Asterion Sign Equity Deal with Wellcamp Business ParkIn a press release today, 20th June 2019, Asterion Cannabis Inc. announced they and their …News
List of CBD Drug InteractionsBefore I get to the list of drugs there is a need to at least …Medical
CBD Help with Allergies: Eczema, Hay Fever, Food AllergiesNo one I know enjoys dealing with the symptoms of an allergic reaction, such as …Medical
Australian CBD Trail to Treat PTSD in Defence PersonnelPost Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in Australian servicemen is a significant issue. The Australian Defence …News
CBD Research at Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute (IHMRI)The ABC News reports that the Illawarra Health and Medical Research Institute (IHMRI) have been …News
CBD Help with Epilepsy: SeizuresEpilepsy can be a very scary disease to deal with. The main symptom is a …Medical
CBD Help with Skin Conditions: Acne, Anti-ageing, SensitivityAlmost everyone suffers from acne, signs of ageing, or sensitivity at some point in their …Medical
CBD Help with Anxiety / Fear: Panic, Obsessive, SocialThere are many companies that like to market Cannabidiol (CBD) as a wonder supplement that …Medical
CBD Help with Pain – Arthritis, Back, HeadachesChronic pain and pain from inflammation-related medical conditions are incredibly common. Fortunately, for many pain …Medical
ABC Broadcast on CBD and Dravet SyndromeListening to this broadcast on the ABC nearly brought me to tears. A very emotional …News
New Medical Cannabis Study on EpilepsyProfessor Ingrid Scheffer from the University of Melbourne is undergoing a new study into medicinal …News
Potential Side Effects of Using CBDCannabidiol (CBD) has been receiving a lot of attention lately for its promising health benefits. …Medical
CBD Product Types: Oils, Creams, Pills, Vapes, EdiblesCannabidiol (CBD) products come in a wide variety of product types. While CBD oil remains …Medical
Cannabis Derived Diabetic Drug Trial in VanuatuSome lateral thinking by the American company Phoenix Life Sciences International has led them to …News
Mondelez, Makers of Oreo, Considering adding CBDThe maker of Oreo biscuits, as well as Chips Ahoy cookies, Nutter Butter cookies, Nilla …News
Asterion Darling Downs Facility Start by Year’s EndThe Chronicle, May 10, 2019, reports that the Asterion Australia cannabis growing and processing facility …News
Golf Master Bubba Watson uses CBDIn the news recently are reports that Bubba Watson, a twice Masters champion, is using …News
How is CBD Oil Made?To begin with, you need a variety of cannabis that is high in Cannabidiol (CBD). …Production
Cannabis Amnesty in Queensland?At the time of writing, March 2019, Queensland, Australia does not have an amnesty for …News
What is Medicinal Cannabis?So what is medicinal cannabis? Put simply, it is cannabis, in one form or another, …Medical
Medicinal Cannabis is Still in DebateThe effectiveness of medicinal cannabis is still in debate, with Australia’s leading experts saying quality …News
CBD is Showing Up EverywhereNot the CBD as in Central Business District, CBD as in Cannabidiol, a compound derived …News
Cannabis Research at University of QueenslandAsterion Cannabis and the University of Queensland have partnered for a major research project related …News
What is Marijuana?The term Marijuana refers to a couple of things. In some areas it is used …Botanical, Medical
What is Cannabis?Many people hear the word “cannabis” and immediately think of marijuana. While people often use …Botanical
What is Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)?Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is one of the many compounds, in addition to Cannabidiol (CBD), that is …Medical
What is Cannabidiol (CBD)?Cannabidiol has received lots of attention in recent years for its possible health benefits. As …Medical
What is Hemp?Hemp, also known as industrial hemp, is a variety of the Cannabis sativa plant species. …Botanical

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