How to Find the Right CBD Dosage For You

CBD Dosage

CBD oil’s potential health benefits are well-documented at this point. It’s been used to help with everything from nausea and vomiting to skin conditions like acne. But just like with any other medicine, finding the right dosage is crucial. We’ll walk you through a brief guide to CBD dosage and finding the right quantity for you.

What’s the Average Dose of CBD?

Most people take between 20 and 40 mg of CBD per dose. But there’s a very wide range, with some people taking as little as 1mg and some taking up to 100mg. Some of this variability has to do with variation between products. But there are a lot of other factors at play, including:

  • Your size and weight
  • The severity of the symptoms you’re using CBD to treat
  • Whether you have an existing tolerance to CBD
  • Other factors in your body chemistry

The Risks of Taking the Wrong Dosage

Wrong Dose

The good news is, CBD has very few documented side effects. The main concern with taking the wrong dosage is missing out on maximum effectiveness. If you take too little, you risk wasting your money on CBD oil without the benefits of seeing results. Several studies have shown most people’s bodies tolerate CBD well, even in large doses. But taking too much can waste your money as well. If you consistently take twice the dose you need for peak benefit, that’s just as wasteful as not taking enough.

Tips to Find the Right Dosage

Talk to Your Doctor


If you feel comfortable doing so, start by asking your doctor what dosage to start with. Not all doctors will be able to give advice, it’s worth a try. Some might be able to recommend daily dosages, or even point you toward trusted CBD oil brands for you to try.

Start Low, Then Increase if Needed

According to a medically-reviewed article on Daily CBD, patients should start with a very low dose (about 2mg). If you don’t see the results you want, increase your intake by 2-5mg per dose. Keep increasing until you see the results you want. It might take time to find your optimal dose, but it’s worth the wait. This way, you can avoid any negative side-effects that could be brought on by taking a huge dose. And by finding out the minimum effective dose, you won’t waste money by taking more than you need.

Use a CBD Dosage Calculator

There are plenty of people out there looking to find their optimal CBD oil dose without spending days or weeks on trial and error. Try using a CBD oil dosage calculator to estimate the best range based on your size, the strength of your CBD oil, and what level of effects you’re looking to achieve.

Finding the right dosage for your CBD oil intake isn’t an exact science yet. It can be a bit of a process. But once you’ve found the right dosage for you and can enjoy the benefits, it will have been well worth the wait.


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