How to Access CBD Oil Legally in Australia

CBD Access in Australia

If you are looking to access CBD oil in Australia this article from Cannabis Doctors Australia is a fantastic resource.

In 2020, Access to CBD Oil in Australia is restricted by legislation. It is not easily available in Australia and can’t be purchased over the counter in any form that is suitable for therapeutic purposes. You will need to speak to your doctor to get advice and assistance if you believe that CBD Oil could help your situation.

“If you’re looking to buy CBD oil in Australia, you cannot buy it online or over the counter. CBD is considered a Schedule 4 Controlled Drug by the Office of Drug Control. This means that a doctor must apply to the TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration) for an approval to be able to prescribe products containing CBD.”

Yes, you can buy some products that contain CBD but the dosage is so low that it is of no real value. This is marketing hype that you should be aware of.

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“CBD and THC (both Cannabinoids) are listed on the Controlled Drug Register in Australia, meaning that they cannot be legally sold direct to the public. Products with less than 0.01% of any Cannabinoids can be sold direct to the public in Australia, but 0.01% is not a therapeutic dose.”

Your doctor will advise you of what can be supplied legally and more importantly give you valuable information about forms of CBD, dosage, interactions with other drugs and much more.

“CDA doctors can apply to the TGA for an approval to be able to prescribe you a particular regulated and legal product. Each application he does is per patient, per product. Your Cannabis Doctor will check your medical history and current medications list to ensure that you’re not taking any substances which could interact with CBD making your current medications less or more effective or creating side effects.”

There is a huge difference between medical grade CBD and general products pretending to provide benefit to patients.

“Medical grade cannabis oils are highly regulated meaning that they must conform to strict standards such as clearly stating all ingredients and active ingredient measures on the product packaging. If your Cannabis oil doesn’t tell you how many mg of the active ingredient is in the bottle, the product is likely to be illicit and you cannot be sure that it includes any active ingredients.”

So, in summary, you can access CBD Oil in Australia through the proper legal channels. Talk to your doctor and if they can’t help directly, they will certainly advise you with regards to your next move. Stick with the legal approach and you can be confident to receive valid and effective products that are tailored to your condition.


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