New Medical Cannabis Study on Epilepsy

CBD for Epilepsy

Professor Ingrid Scheffer from the University of Melbourne is undergoing a new study into medicinal cannabis for treating epilepsy. Reported by the ABC this new study could be a life changer for may seizure sufferers.

Professor Scheffer published findings back in May 2017. Those findings were said to be the first real medical evidence that medicinal cannabis would be as good as some of the best anti-epilepsy medicines for treating children with severe epilepsy.

Of 120 children in the 2017 study, seizures were halved in 40% of the children. Amazingly, 4% or the children became seizure free.

Professor Scheffer referred directly to CBD, when she was quoted as saying, “It’s the first scientific evidence that cannabidiol is effective for uncontrolled seizures in Dravet syndrome”.

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You will find our article titled What is Cannabidiol (CBD)? very helpful with understanding CBD.

“Until now, there has only been anecdotal evidence but now we have scientific evidence proving that medicinal cannabis is definitely effective in severe epilepsy.”

The hope now is that the new study will help make the relevant products readily available to sufferers, by expediting the processes.


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