Mondelez, Makers of Oreo, Considering adding CBD

Oreo Biscuits

The maker of Oreo biscuits, as well as Chips Ahoy cookies, Nutter Butter cookies, Nilla Wafers and Cadbury Chocolate are apparently considering adding Cannabidiol (CBD) to their products.

You will find our article titled What is Cannabidiol (CBD)? very helpful with understanding CBD.

We found this report in a CNBC News article from May 3, 2019.

Their CEO, Dirk Van de Put is reported to have told CNBC that they are ‘getting ready’ but want to make sure they stay within the law and proceed carefully.

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He did clarify that CBD may not be suitable for their family brands but may be added to new brands or other existing products.

Van de Put is hoping that the FDA will clarify the situation in the near future, expecting that the ingredient CBD will become mainstream in the ‘not-so-far future’.


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