CBD Product Types: Oils, Creams, Pills, Vapes, Edibles

CBD product types come in many different forms, from oil to edibles such as gummies. So what are the different types of CBD products available?

Cannabis Derived Diabetic Drug Trial in Vanuatu

An ABC article reports that the company was unable to do the trials in Colorado due to federal restrictions. Vanuatu offered a number of benefits, including a pristine environment for growing the crop and the opportunity to work with the Vanuatu Ministry of Health.

Asterion Darling Downs Facility Start by Year’s End

The Chronicle, May 10, 2019, reports that the Asterion Australia facility to be built on the Darling Downs should be under construction by the end of the year.

How is CBD Oil Made?

To begin with, you need a variety of cannabis that is high in Cannabidiol (CBD). Some established manufacturers have developed their own varieties of cannabis to get a higher yield from their production methods. Each manufacture chooses the methods they use based upon their needs. Liquid Solvents This is probably the most common method used […]

Cannabis Amnesty in Queensland?

At the time of writing, March 2019, Queensland, Australia does not have an amnesty for medicinal use of illicit cannabis1. There is some confusion that NSW has an amnesty and thus so does Queensland. However, even in NSW there is no full amnesty. In New South Wales there is an approach for ‘compassionate access’ for […]

What is Medicinal Cannabis?

So what is medicinal cannabis? Put simply, it is cannabis, in one form or another, that has been prescribed to treat a medical condition1. Medicinal cannabis should not be confused with recreational cannabis. Recreational cannabis is a form of cannabis used to get a ‘high’, with the psychoactive ingredient being Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The primary purpose […]

Medicinal Cannabis is Still in Debate

The effectiveness of medicinal cannabis is still in debate, with Australia’s leading experts saying quality evidence is still lacking. The ABC recently published an excellent article online that is a must to read. It raises the fact that the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) have approved over 3,100 scripts for medicinal cannabis since March 2018 when […]

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