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This page is for submitting a basic pin only. Consider reading About Submissions before submitting a pin.

If you prefer that we make the pin, then just give us a URL and reason why to include it. Use our Suggest a Pin page for this.

If you want to submit a more comprehensive article, that may include links, images and formatting, use our Submit an Article page.

Submitting a Basic Pin

We welcome pin submissions for all types of content. These do not need to link to external content, but can link to the following –

  • Blog posts, both yours and others, as long as they are relevant.
  • Informational pages / sites (websites, social platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc.)
  • Videos (YouTube, Vimeo etc)
  • Audio files (SoundCloud), and so on.

When Submitting

To submit a basic pin, simply complete the form below. Fields include –

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  • A URL (optional, and only if you want us to link to an external page)
  • If you want your name to be associated with the pin (Yes / No)
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  • A description. Limit it to text only and a few paragraphs. We prefer at least two good paragraphs as a minimum, not just a few words in a simple sentence. Provide enough detail so our readers ‘get the picture’ so to speak.
  • A single image (required)

Once reviewed, we will notify you of the status of your submission.

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