Using this Website

The goal of this website is to assist with your research into CBD, its uses, benefits and pitfalls.

We don’t provide any opinions. We only summarise and highlight information we have sourced from many locations. That information is ever changing and staying abreast is very difficult.

While we try to keep things current, we do have older posts where the information may be outdated.

Given this, we have these suggestions.

  • Don’t make any decisions based on the information you have found from just a few sources. This subject is complex and new research, trials and more are happening continuously, updating what we know about CBD.
  • Pay attention to the date when pages were published. Most good sites will have a date when the page / post etc. was initially published, or at least last updated.
  • When you think you ‘know’, check further.
  • Look for bona fide cases of persons with similar or the same conditions, where the use of CBD has been beneficial.
  • Finally, discuss what you have found and any possible decisions with qualified medical persons. They should be fully conversed in the latest findings, or at least willing to investigate further.

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